Tuesday, April 24, 2007



There are injuries in the other vehicle. Or, perhaps you've hit a pedestrian, a child on a bike or a motorcyclist.

A claim is filed and your Bodily Injury coverage kicks in to compensate the other party for their injuries or lost income.

Then what happens?

Depending upon the severity of the injuries, your Bodily Injury could be insufficient. BI may cover the other person's medical costs, rehabilitative costs, and even replace lost income - BUT WHAT IF IT DOES NOT?

What happens if the other party is disabled? Or they die? How much Bodily Injury coverage will you need?

What if this other person (or persons) is the sole breadwinner for a family of four? They cannot move forward without the income this person used to provide.

UMBRELLA PROTECTION: Unless you are carrying an UMBRELLA insurance policy, your BI may not not be sufficient in the type of claim we described above. The Umbrella policy pays out for covered claims over and above your auto and home insurance limits.

FAILURE to have high enough limits can cause you to be personally liable for claims above and beyond what your auto or home policy pays out.

Ask about a $1,000,000 or $2,000,000 Umbrella. The cost is usually around $350 annually, unless you own investment property, recreational vehicles and more than a few personal vehicles, or have teen drivers. Do not panic about the potential cost - get a quote!

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