Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Doubling Your Gas MIleage

One man, known as a HyperMiler, takes gas saving steps beyond the usual. In methods that are part unorthodox, he coaxed a standard Honda Accord to an astonishing 51 MPG, which is advertised at 24 MPG/34 MPG by the manufacturer.


Here are some of his tips:

1) Inflate tires to their maximum allowed (quicker, easier take off from stops)
2) Use lowest weight of engine oil (reduces friction)
3) Change your car's air filter annually (engine breathes better)
4) Do not brake excessively. Coast to stops, instead
5) Stay within the speed limit
6) Do not use cruise control
7) Turn off your engine if idling for longer than 10 seconds
8) Do not use your air conditioner
9) Install a scan gauge (www.scangauge.com)
10) When parking, find a high spot and coast to it. When leaving, coast down.

(This information was originally found in an article on AOL)

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