Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Arizona Auto Insurance

How to Buying the Correct Car Insurance Coverage

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Buying insurance is often done based upon the premium alone. Make sure you do these couple of things in addition to watching the bottom line.


  1. - Do not skimp on bodily injury coverage ( BI). Bodily Injury protects the "other" person if you cause an accident and injure the other party. This could include hitting a pedstrian, a child on a bike or even a motorcyclist. However, if your own BI coverage is too small, they will hire an attorney and sue. Suppose you are sued for $75,000 but your BI is only $50,000. Guess who could be held responsible for the difference? You. Meaning, you could have some of your income garnished, or be forced to tap into your retirement or home equity. Talk to your agent about increasing your BI up to $100,000 or even $250,000. The cost really is probably less than you imagine.
  2. Compare carrying $1000 deductible on Collision. You can often see a significant savings.
  3. In Arizona there are a substantial number of uninsured drivers. UM covers injured persons in your vehicle. If someone hits you and cause injury to you or a passenger AND they have no insurance, ultimately you are responsible for what happens in your car. Consider carrying uninsured motorist coverage.


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