Sunday, May 13, 2007


Worried about a major stock market downturn?

It has happened before.

One leading investment guru predicts that within ten years this exact scenario will happen. We've seen it happen in Japan where their economy struggled for many years.

Today, America suffers from political discontent, too few workers, immigration issues, deficit, a war, a growing chinese threat, terrorist threats and a huge impending baby boomer retirement scenario that will put a whole lot of stress on the economy and the typical American citizen's pocketbook.

Are you saving for retirement?

What would happen if you are within shouting distance of retirement and the market suffers a severe correction? If your mutual funds lose significant value, would you have to postpone retirement? Or, get a second job?

Consider an Equity Indexed Annuity to better protect your investment against market downturns.

Your principal is guaranteed in an EIA.

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